Please read this before ordering

1.Once confirmation letter have been sent from us, you can’t cancel or back out order. Please do consider before you place the order. Refunds will only be made if items are out of stock.

2. If our supplier scam or did not send your items, we will fully refund your money.

3. Please be on time for meet-up and meet-up at Kembangan MRT station only(Green Line).

4. We will only be accepting paid orders. We will send an order confirmation email to inform you that we have noted the order.

5. Orders arrive two weeks after the Batch end usually but some may come first ^^

6. We accept the payment by PayPal for international customers. The customer has to pay 4% of PayPal fee and shipping fee to your country. And, the shipping fee and timing  is on http://www.singpost.com.

Any other enquires, do clear them before order.

Thanks for the co-operation


69 Responses to T&C

  1. Jamie says:

    Hi are you still able to get the seond invasion goods? Like the neckalce? Thanks.

  2. Tan Yan Foong says:

    Do you ship internationally? Brunei..?

  3. JYJFan says:

    Can u do a delivery instead of meet-up?

  4. JYJFan says:

    Great! Thanks!

  5. Illuminate says:

    do you do mailing ? 😮

  6. Nicole Yao says:

    Hi there, is your DBS account current,autosave or savings plus account?

  7. kim says:

    no overseas shipping?? T__T

  8. kim says:

    and the shipping fee depends on the weight of my order right ? Will you take per-orders of Signed Albums of BOYFRIEND’s Janus?

  9. kim says:

    hello ? Please answer me chingu 🙂

  10. Rachel says:

    Hi, i have make transfer dd 6/12/12 to your acc. Please check do u rcvd it.

  11. souljajoyz says:

    Hi, if I order something from here, i can request my items to be post to my house, instead of meeting up right? any additional fees for postage? Singapore context 🙂

  12. Justin says:

    Do you accept paypal?

  13. hi. do we order then pay or pay first?

  14. Gyabi says:

    hello. Do you ship to mexico? I’m interested in evolution Official lightstick plus: Infinite 3D logo, color changes from silver to gold. at SGD55

  15. peiyu says:

    Hi have you received my order? I made payment for 2 exo album and 2 shinee travel notes.

  16. Kelly says:

    Hi is it possible to meet and pay at the same time?

  17. Kelly says:

    Sorry to bother you still but which week will the orders come in? So at least I’ll be able to choose between the Thursday or the Saturday slot.

  18. kshopeasy says:

    Hi, I just sent in my orders. Have you received them? ^^

  19. Kelly says:

    Earlier on I mentioned that I’ll pay when we meet at the same time…

  20. Kelly says:

    Btw, I’m kshopeasy. I forgot to change it back ><

  21. Kelly says:

    Done. So I have to meet you next Thurs 6pm? I’m so sorry about all these qns! Its just that this is the first time I’m buying online.

  22. Nataleen ohanis says:

    I placed an order and I. Want to pay with PayPal. I’m not very sure on how to do so…

  23. Nataleen ohanis says:

    California. Is that rate automatically added?

  24. Nataleen ohanis says:

    Is it 8.9 sgd to ship that to the US?

  25. Kwon Yuri says:

    hi ! If i order something, can you deliver it here ? (Philippines) 🙂 Thanks

  26. ajyuson says:

    Do you also accept international shipping?

  27. Nuraqilah says:

    when will batch 62 end? I ordered last week

  28. Lum Wen Min says:

    Do you still sell B1A4 hoodie?

  29. rachel says:

    HI what are the rates of supplying kpop albums please email me @ lwx2404@yahoo.com.sg . Thank you

  30. jas says:

    hi are you taking preorders for vixx Error mini album?

  31. emily Mejia says:

    Hi, i was wondering if you could customize a kpop phone case for an LG L70? There aren’t any other people selling them and I really want a kpop phone case. Can you?

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