Order Form

Please make a payment and click the link and fill in the order form. Please read the instruction carefully and read the T&C before filling in the order form.After that a confirmation form will be send to you through email.


134 Responses to Order Form

  1. Rina says:

    so… will you ship to the U.S.
    i live in Minnesota.

  2. Eleanor says:

    hi is it possible to meet-up for both payment and collection??

  3. Eleanor says:

    to pay :X because i cant transfer :X

  4. Eleanor says:

    ohok 🙂

  5. Pei Yu says:

    Hi I would like to pay through meetup as well. @smthfishyz

  6. Peiyu says:

    Can I do meet up for payment as well? @smthfishyz

  7. Pei Yu says:

    Hi I’ve submitted the order form alr. And I checked the cash deposit option as there are no option for meet up in the payment methods..

  8. Pei Yu says:

    Alright! Thanks for the prompt reply 😀 Have a good day!

  9. Eleanor says:

    hi i sent in my order form yesterday did you receive ??

  10. Pei Yu says:

    Hi regarding the meetup for payment, you will be contacting me via sms is it?

  11. Lee says:

    Hello. Do you have the f(x) Electric Shock T-Shirt TYPE A in size LARGE available still? I would need this shipped to the US if possible :]

  12. tini says:


    I have send you an ordee for sm town goods japan. I hope I can still get the goods from you pleeeease! > . <

    my friend trys to get it from the concert but it was sold old T.T

    thank you so much!

  13. lslian says:

    Hv u rec my order form submitted around 150pm on 12/8?

  14. Syafiqah says:

    Hi, have you receive an order form from me regarding SM ART Exhibition Goods?

  15. Jo says:

    Do you have f(x) electric shock t-shirt type a in size small? or is it all sold out? pls reply soon 🙂 and can i give you the money when you pass me the shirt? i want to pay in cash.

  16. Karened says:

    Is the Super Junior cheering towel (Korean ver) at https://kpopshopinsg.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/cheering-towel-lightstick-and-bolloon/ still available?

  17. kim says:

    if you send it to me overseas..is the shipping fee for free or what ? 😀

  18. can we pay during the collection day by cash?

  19. Jeslind says:

    Can I pay during weekdays? Or do I have to pay immediately after filling up the form?

  20. Rachel says:

    can i check with you did you receive my order form and payment dd 6/12/12.

  21. Venecia says:

    I’ve sent in order form yesterday, but I can only make payment tmrw… is that ok? >.< reply me via text @ 83827689 or email? ^^ thanks!

  22. Venecia says:

    Hi, um… I’ve sent the order form last night, and I can only make payments tmrw… is that okay? && please gimme a reply via text @ 83827689 or email me @ xiiaoxuanheartzxc@gmail.com

  23. hi, i want to order Girls’ Generation I Got A Boy cap. I’m from Malaysia and would like to make a payment via paypal. May I know how can i do that? As for the shipping, is it via Standard Regular Mail – Letters/Printed Papers/Small Packets (Air)? Thanks.

  24. Just sent in the order form with extra request and also just paid with PayPal. Thank you.

  25. LJoeFanbase says:

    Hello can you email me? Want to ask you about the customized tshirt

  26. AJ says:

    Hi! I want to order a Girls Generation I Got a Boy Cap. I am from the Philippines. I would like to know how much is the total cost including the shipping fee (Standard). And can I choose which member’s cap and what color I will buy? Thanks.

  27. kat says:

    how much is shipping for b.a.p official merchandise to the usa is it sgd 2 like on the order form or more?

  28. Pearl says:

    Hie. Is the batch still considered batch 30 if the form is submitted on 13 march?

  29. Evelyn says:

    Hi, i just sent my order form for SHINee dream girl album (: but i can only make the payment tmr morning. is it ok? thanks~

  30. rochelle says:

    hello i order CN BLue limited ed..i haven’t deposit my payment yet. Im just wondering if there is an shipping fee here at SG and how much it cost??please reply asap..tnx..

    • boooo says:

      i think all the item that are priced in here have shipping fee inculde .. unless you choose to pay by paypal or by postage which you have to pay additional fees

    • boooo says:

      what does your shipping fee mean?
      the shipping cost? or the postage cost?
      if it postage

      Registered mail : started at SGD4.50 and depended on weight, additional $2 for each subsequent item
      Normal mail- started at SGD2 and depended on weight (at your own risk), additional $1 for each subsequent item

    • kpopshopinsg says:

      The price include shipping fee from Korea to singapore. If you choose normal postage cost $2.50 or $4.50 for register postage or free of charge at Kembangan MRT

  31. boooo says:

    Mar 17, 2013 @ 12:46:38

    Shipping fee mean the shipping fee from Korea to singapore. Postage fee mean the postage fee to your house if you’re opting for postage
    replying to me? or rochelle?

  32. JiaYing says:

    If normal postage, will the poster be folded?

  33. Vanessa says:

    Hey are you still selling the matoki lightstick?

  34. I don’t know how to use PayPal. What I’m going to do?

  35. BYFRND says:

    Philippines. I only use LBC.

  36. Jess says:

    So you must bank in the money before ordering?

  37. catherine says:

    Hi there,do you still have stock for cnblue tube lightstick?

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  39. GuiFang says:

    Hi, is it possible to pay upon meetup? If possible, by when need to meetup to pay you?
    If can meetup for payment, is choose which option under “method of payment”?


  40. GuiFang says:

    By the way, does the prices includes shipping? And prices is in sgd hoh??

  41. GuiFang says:

    Hello! I’ve sent u the order form already. Can check with you when will i receive the cfmation email??
    Btw, i opted cash deposit for meetup payment~.


  42. GuiFang says:

    Hello! Have you received my order on infinite concert mechandise?? I haven’t receive the confirmation email~

    Thanks thanks!

  43. Weijing says:

    Hey ive just filled in the form^^

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  45. Puteri says:

    Hi, did you receive my order for bap hoodie size L under Puteri Zulaikha?? 🙂

  46. Kwon Yuri says:

    HI ! How can i order something? Can i call you ? what your phone number ? 🙂 Thanks

  47. Scott Judah Chia says:

    Hi I would like to pay via meet up at kembangan mrt & payment by cash? Possible? Just sent in my order form. Thanks.

  48. fitriana says:

    Hi I want to order some things. How can I contact you?

  49. JingWen says:

    I cannot see the meet-up and order forms…

  50. Nuraqilah says:

    Hi I have submitted my order form yesterday morning. And have transfered the money to your account. But I have not received your confirmation email.

  51. Gloria says:

    Hi, I just submitted an order for god snapback. I want to make sure it’s in stock before I transfer money. Thanks.

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