All merchandise, CDs and DVDs are brought offline from hottrack so it will be counted in hanteo chart.

Payment to DBS saving 027-1-055510

For ORDER, Please email me : kpopshop101@hotmail.com  with

[Subject: order : album’s title
Contact Number:
Amount to pay/ transfer:
PaymentMethod: I-Banking/CASH Deposit/BANK TRANSFER/ Paypal
Collection Method: Meet up or Registered Postage:]

We will follow up confirmation email once we receive your email.

For mass meet up only at Kembangan MRT station. Please be on time.

Registered mail : started at SGD9 and depended on weight.

-Poster tube
Registered Postage: with a album started at SGD12.

*Folded/Rolled poster without poster tubes can be sent free of charge.

-Please collect your items within 3 months. If you cannot collect, you can decide to postage your items instated. Items that are not collected within 3 months, after informing arrival by email, will confiscated!!


44 Responses to Order

  1. Nbelle says:

    Hi. Please tell me more om going about ordering customised phone covers. Thanks!

  2. shinhyunhyo says:

    Hello. Am I allowed to pick the photo I want from my own folder for the phone cases? And what do you mean by “it will arrive on 29/1/12”? And yes, need more info bout the customized phone cases please! Please reply 🙂

  3. valerie says:

    ur LOMO card still available? and when will arrive about how many weeks?

  4. eleanor97 says:

    hi hmm the lomo cards i ordered is pay first or collect and pay??

  5. Kusomint says:

    izit still avaliable to do an order?bank in now and collect by tomorrow~thursday

  6. foxycat says:

    Hi! Am i able to do a last minute order for batch 23?

  7. HI~ May I ask when is SNSD i got a boy Album arriving?

  8. Siti Adriana says:

    Hello. Selling banana milk and vita drink?

  9. Evelyn says:

    Hi, I’ve made payment this morning for my order. Will I be getting a confirmation email? Thanks!!

  10. Andrew Rivera says:

    do you still have any sooyoung hat available?

  11. bella95 says:

    Hello, im wondering do you still have the B1A4 tumbler and phone case for samsung galaxy Note 2??

  12. Pei Yu says:

    Hello I’ve made payment ytd for Exo repackage. Will I be getting cfmation?

  13. Rev says:

    Hi checking about customized phone cases. How do I go about ordering?

  14. Sammy says:

    Hello. May I know if you are still selling Exo’s ‘Black Sleeveless Wolf + Stars on the front & Wolf at the back’ ?? The one selling at $18.

  15. flowru23 says:

    If you have paid and ordered but a confirmation letter has not been sent, is it possible to cancel an order?

  16. Adeline Yip says:

    Hi! May I Know If I Can Still Preorder The Newest SNSD Cap?

  17. yuting says:

    hi, do u supply lomo cards? 🙂

  18. Peiyu says:

    Hello I still have not received confirmation. I have alr paid for the 2 EXO M Overdose albums using iBanking.

  19. real__cjy says:

    Have you receive my order form? I have already transferred the money a few days ago

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