Please order with payment before 5th July.

If items sold out, fully refund.

• Light stick @ SGD29 

• Egg shake@ SGD15 

• T-shirt_LIP @ SGD 68 

• T-shirt_WHY @ SGD 68 

• Coloring book + Postcard set A @ SGD 35 

• Coloring book + Postcard set B @SGD 35 

• Poster set @SGD 39 

• Fan @ SGD 14 

• Tatoo & Photo sticker @ SGD 30 

• Mug cup @ SGD 39 

• Key ring @ SGD 30 

• Eco bag @ SGD 60 

• Phone case @ SGD 49 

• Bandana @ SGD 35 

• Pouch @ SGD 60 

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15 Responses to TAEYEON ‘Butterfly Kiss’ OFFICIAL GOODS

  1. Michiko says:

    When will this order will be open again for Taeyeon concert in August?

    Are you deliver overseas?

  2. mickeylove says:

    will you open another preorder?

  3. mickeylove says:

    hai, can i still pre-order this goods?

  4. asystasia says:

    can u let me know if i can buy the goods later, tq

  5. asystasia says:

    Hai, do u have a clear pic of tattoo sticker? Tq in advance

  6. Jane lery torres says:

    Hi do you still have good for butterfly kisses concert?

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