FLY -GOT7 1st concert good

FLY_GOT7 1st concert goods :

1. OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK : no batteries at SGD42

2. T-SHIRTS : M / L size please choose size at SGD54

3. MAGNET SET : GOTTON magnet+photo magnet set : please chose member at SGD22

4. PHOTO SLOGAN : 1000*200mm at SGD28


6. PASSPORT KIT : individual mini phonebook&note 20p+GOTOON stamp : Please choose member at SGD28

7. HANGING POSTER SET : hand writing individual Q&A on it / 350*450mm / 18p at SGD49
8. LIGHT KEYRING : Please choose member at SGD19
9. USB : 40*55mm / PVC robber / 8GB at SGD45
10. MINI POWER BANK : 4000mAh / iPhone and galaxy can charge at SGD55

11. CLUTCH : 300*220mm at SGD55

12. NECKLACE : swarovski at SGD62

13. PASSPORT WALLET : red/blue need to choose color / member’s hand writing signed polaroid randomly inside at SGD39

14. SHOPPING BAG : 500*400mm at SGD16

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