TEEN TOP – 2014 WORLD TOUR CONCERT “HIGH KICK” in Seoul Official Merchandises.

order with payment until : 27th of FEB. 6PM
Light Stick Version 3 at SGD 35
Slogan Version 2 at SGD 26
Big Towel at SGD 48
Bandana at SGD 18
Cape at SGD 66
Cushion at SGD 37
Umbrella at SGD 48
Post-It Set at SGD 15
L Holder Set (7 pieces) at SGD 23
Pencil Case at SGD 16
Eco Bag + Inner Pouch at SGD 27
Pocket T-Shirt (M or L size) at SGD 35
Logo T-Shirt (M or L size) at SGD 43
Pin Button Set at SGD 23
Ballpen Set (6 pens) at SGD24
Cap at SGD 43
Passport Wallet at SGD 35
Photo Card Set at SGD 27
Case Size : 7*9.5cm
– 45 pieces
– Plastic Card 1p Random Member
– Printed Card 1p Random Member
– Silver Card 1p Random Member
Bear Key Ring (Gold or Silver) at SGD 43
Glow Bracelets at SGD 15
Hair Pony Tail at SGD 16
Postcard Book (16 pieces) at SGD 19

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