Teen Top – Fanmeeting Goods





Teen Top – Fanmeeting Goods
Teen Top – Hoodie M/L at SGD85

Teen Top – Photocard Set at SGD30
– Pthoto Card (40pcs)
– Plastic Card (1p, Member Random)
– Signed Card (1p, Member Random)
– Hand Painting Card (1p, Member Random)

Teen Top – Angel Scheduler at SHD29
– Size: 13cm*18.2cm

Teen Top – Ring at SGD26

Teen Top – Bracelet at SGD35

Teen Top – History Book at SGD40
– 40 page

Teen Top – Angel Class Set at SGD40

– Light Stick (Size: 17cm*1.3cm / All member’s signs are in print)
– Slogan Towel (Both Side, Size: 80cm*20cm)
– Hotpack (Size: 9cm*9cm)

Teen Top – Blanket Angel at SGD50

Teen Top – Handcream Set at SGD54

– Hand Cream (6pcs)
– Vinyl Pouch (1p)
– Sticker (1p)

Teen Top – Handcream [Choose Member] at SGD12

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