SM Official MD Goods : EXO – XOXO Official Goods








EXO – XOXO A4 Hard File at SGD28
EXO – XOXO Mousepad
at SGD12
EXO – XOXO Post-it Set at SGD22
EXO – XOXO Pencil Set at SGD19
EXO – XOXO Stamp Set at SGD35
EXO – XOXO Wristband (A/B/C) at SGD16
EXO – XOXO Emblem (A/B) at SGD14
EXO – XOXO iPhone 5 Casing (A/B/C) at SGD35
Ear cab at SGD15. Please choose a member.
Tee with logo at SGD58. Please choose color (white /black) and size (S/ M /L).
Tee with member faces at SGD52.
Bracelet at SGD33. Size: 18*1.6cm
Ring at SGD33 Size :1.8*2cm
Slogan at SGD27
File holder at SGD12. Please choose a member.
Polaroid set at SGD39
official fan at SGD10 please choose the member

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